Our Integrity Matters Q&A this edition is Grant Adams, a former HRNSW Chairman of Stewards who in July joined Victoria's integrity team.

Tell us about your background?

Although coming from a harness racing family my direct involvement did not come until my early 20s at which time I provided assistance to my father (Ross Adams) and his stable for a short period while working full-time as a draftsman/estimator.

In early 2010, I commenced my role as a cadet steward with Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) and under the support and tutelage of previous Chairmen of Stewards Michael Beattie, Bill Cable, Reid Sanders and Graham Loch, I accepted the position as Chairman of Stewards with HRNSW in October 2017.

After several years in this role, my wife and I made the difficult, but exciting decision to move to Victoria and relocate our family. I commenced my position with Harness Racing Victoria in early July and I am thoroughly enjoying the role and the new challenges.   
What is your current role at HRV?

I hold the position of Deputy Chief Steward – Industry and provide support to Brett Day (HRV Chairman of Stewards).

Outside of my standard duties as a steward I am responsible for the management and upkeep of the reporting of major fractures/surgery for return to racing policy and the HRV stewards internal review. 
What were the major differences you observed or encountered in your current role as compared to your previous roles as a steward and how have you adapted?

Coming from HRNSW the role of a steward is very similar and therefore there has been no issues in adapting to the process of HRV.
What does integrity mean to you?

In plain terms it means doing what is always right and in all circumstances of your life.

Integrity in harness racing provides the foundation for the industry to not only survive but grow and prosper into an industry that we can all enjoy and are reliant on.