All industry participants are advised to take notice of the following reminders:


VRT Appeal Timeframe

A person appealing the decision and/or severity of the penalty imposed on them by Stewards must complete a VRT appeal form and lodge it with the Tribunal Registrar as outlined on the Notice of Appeal form.

The appeal must be lodged by the third calendar day (not business day) following the date of the decision the person wishes to appeal.

For example, a Notice of Appeal must be lodged on the Monday if the decision the person wishes to appeal was made on a Friday. The time for lodgement will be extended to the next business day if the third day falls on a day that is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.

The Notice of Appeal form is available on Victorian Racing Tribunal page. The form should be emailed to

The HRV Stewards advise they will oppose the Tribunal granting leave to appeal out of time unless exceptional circumstances are present.


Body Protectors (Safety Vests) and Helmets

All licensed persons are reminded of the requirement to wear an approved body protector (safety vest), and helmet, at all times when driving or riding a horse. This requirement includes private training addresses and when on a racecourse.

The relevant sections of Australian Harness Racing Rule (AHRR) 159A state:

159A.  (1)  A driver shall wear a helmet which has been approved and entered in the Register of Helmets approved by Harness Racing Australia.

(2)  A driver shall at all times when driving or riding a horse keep his or her helmet correctly fastened.

(7)  A person shall at all times when driving or riding a horse wear a body protector which has been approved by Harness Racing Australia.

(8)  A driver shall not be in possession of a modified body protector or a body protector which has not been approved by Harness Racing Australia.

Body Protectors (safety vests) must be worn in the manner as intended by the manufacturer. Safety vests are not permitted to be worn inside out.  See below Media Release issued in May 2019 for further information:

Drivers are advised that should they be found to not be wearing a vest, or it not be correctly fitted, during a race meeting significant penalties may be imposed above the usual minimum penalty of $200.