All industry participants are advised to take notice of the following reminders:

Participant Conduct       

HRV Stewards remind participants in the Victorian Harness Racing industry of the importance and expectation to conduct themselves professionally, respectfully, and appropriately at all times so as to represent the industry in the best possible light.

HRV Stewards will not tolerate inappropriate or unacceptable conduct and may therefore impose significant penalties and or refer matters to the Victorian Racing Tribunal (VRT) depending on the circumstances of each particular case.

HRV Expected Behaviour of Participants

Body Protectors (Safety Vests) and Helmets

All licensed persons are reminded of the requirement to wear an approved body protector (safety vest), and helmet, at all times when driving or riding a horse. This requirement includes private training addresses and when on a racecourse.

The applicable sections of the Australian Harness Racing Rules (AHRR) state:

AHRR 159A (1)

When driving or riding a horse the driver must wear a properly affixed helmet the make and model of which has been approved by HRA and entered in the Register of Helmets and which:

(a)  Is in a satisfactory condition.

(b)  Has not been modified in any way save and except for any art or decorative work

AHRR 159B (1)

When driving or riding a horse the driver must wear a properly fastened protective vest the make and model of which has been approved by HRA and which:-

(a)  Is in a satisfactory condition.

(b)  Has not been modified in any way.

Drivers are advised that should they be found not to be wearing an approved vest during trackwork, a trial or race meeting, significant penalties may be imposed above the usual minimum penalty of $200.  

Notification of Driving Tactics with multiple horses engaged

When a trainer has two (2) or more horses engaged in a race, the connections shall notify the intended driving tactics to HRV Stewards no later than forty five (45) minutes prior to the advertised start time of the relevant race.

Failure to notify in accordance with this requirement, may result in action being taken.

Notification of driving tactics policy

Requirements Post-Race

Participants are reminded of the requirement for a horse to remain on course for at least 30 minutes after the relevant race unless permission has been granted by Stewards to leave the racecourse. This assists Stewards and veterinary officials to perform post-race duties that may be required, i.e. veterinary examinations etc.

AHRR 43A.  (1)  A driver, trainer or person in charge of a horse engaged in a race and the horse shall remain on the racecourse for at least 30 minutes after the race unless permission to leave is granted by the Stewards.

(2)   A person who fails to comply with sub-rule (1) is guilty of an offence. 

Alcohol and related matters

Drivers and persons carrying on or purporting to carry on an activity regulated by licence at any time or carrying on official duties at a meeting are reminded that if a sample taken is found upon analysis to contain a substance banned by AHRR 251 and AHRR 251A, significant penalties may be applied including suspensions and disqualifications.


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