Expected Behaviour of Participants Training

Harness Racing Victoria has developed an expected Behaviour of Participants online training program which is scenario based and interactive for industry participants and covers key integrity matters such as:

  • Race fixing
  • Drug administration and race day treatment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Animal welfare
  • Deregistration

The expected Behaviour of Participants online training program is required to be completed by all licensed participants and achieves the following.

  • Collaboration with Industry that clearly identifies the manner in which all participants are expected to behaviour in accordance with Australian Harness Racing Rules (AHRR);
  • Greater education that improves knowledge, skills and compliance.

The online training program will take approximately thirty (30) minutes to complete and can be accessed by following the instructions in an email received from Safetrac Enrolment which will include your User Name and steps required to set up your Password.


If you have difficulty accessing or completing the online training program, please contact Harness Racing Victoria on:

Phone: (03) 8378 0200

Email: info@hrv.org.au