Get to know Deputy Chairman of Stewards Nick Murray:

Tell us about your background?

After completing a trainer and driver course at the Gippsland Harness Racing Training Centre, I commenced as a Cadet Steward with HRV in 2004 and shortly thereafter became a Stipendiary Steward. In 2008/9 I worked with Racing Victoria as a thoroughbred Steward, before having the opportunity to rejoin HRV as a Senior Steward. From 2012-2015 I performed the role of Deputy Chairman of Stewards and was Chairman of Stewards with HRV from mid 2015 to mid 2018, before having extended leave to assist in the care of our youngest daughter who overcome brain cancer. 

You recently were appointed Deputy Chairman of Stewards? How are you enjoying the role?

Having the previous experience in similar roles makes it a familiar experience and I appreciate the opportunity to again be a leader of the Stewards panel and to assist Brett Day as the Chairman of Stewards. 

The role provides the ability to combine a variety of administrative requirements for the efficient functioning of the Stewards panel and an active capacity to uphold the rules of harness racing at race meetings. 

How have you seen integrity evolve during your time in the Industry?

The access of information for the public has increased significantly and with that there has been an increased level of accountability of Stewards' decisions. 

The scrutiny of licensees actions has also evolved with a greater oversight of policing and government agencies, in line with other sporting codes and the increased prevalence of wagering service providers. 

What does integrity mean to you?

Making informed judgements without fear or favour by ensuring that we do what is right in a given situation and therefore make decisions that are for the betterment of the overall  industry.