Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) Stewards provide the following information for participants in the Victorian Harness Racing Industry.



A person appealing the decision and/or severity of the penalty imposed on them by HRV Stewards must complete a VRT appeal form and lodge it with the Tribunal Registrar as outlined on the Notice of Appeal form.

The appeal must be lodged by the third calendar day (not business day) following the date of the decision the person wishes to appeal.

For example, a Notice of Appeal must be lodged on the Monday if the decision the person wishes to appeal was made on a Friday. The time for lodgment will be extended to the next business day if the third day falls on a day that is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.

The Notice of Appeal form is available on Victorian Racing Tribunal page. The form should be emailed to vrt@ecodev.vic.gov.au.

HRV Stewards advise they will continue to oppose the Tribunal granting leave to appeal out of time unless exceptional circumstances exist.



A reminder that industry participants can utilise the following phone number below to leave a message in relation to late scratching’s, driver changes and notification of driving tactics etc.

When leaving a voice message on this service, please provide your licence number for identification purposes and the relevant details that you intend to notify HRV Stewards of. This will be particularly useful when you may need to contact HRV Stewards out of office hours, on weekends or public holidays.

HRV Stewards voicemail contact number – 9214 0650.



Australian Harness Racing Rule 43(1) states:

A driver engaged to drive a horse in a race shall report his attendance at the racecourse to the Stewards or the person authorised by the Stewards no later than 30 minutes prior to the official start time of the race or at such other time as prescribed by the Controlling Body.

(2)  A driver who fails to comply with sub-rule (1) is guilty of an offence.

HRV Stewards remind drivers that it is a requirement to sign in your attendance at a racemeeting at least 30 minutes prior to the official start time of your first drive.

At Tabcorp Park Melton drivers are required to sign in their attendance at the Raceday office.



When directed by HRV Stewards to attend the Stewards Room, drivers are reminded to report as soon as requested to do so and in between driving engagements where possible. This will limit drivers being required to remain on-course following the completion of their driving engagements. 

Drivers are reminded of the following AHRR:

AHRR 238 - A person shall not fail to comply with any order, direction or requirement of the Controlling Body or the Stewardsrelating to harness racing or to the harness racing industry. 

AHRR 187(1) - A person who is directed to do so by the Stewards shall attend an inquiry or investigation convened or conducted by them.