Harness Racing Victoria’s mission is to deliver the most sought after and accessible harness racing that produces financial sustainability, ensures clubs are the heart of their communities and provides equal opportunities for all participants to compete.

Our values of respect, integrity, safety and wellbeing and excellence define the way we behave and interact with each other as an industry, and we protect and care for the people and horses engaged in the harness racing industry in Victoria.

HRV’s Statement of Expected Behaviour of Participants outlines the standards of conduct and behaviour expected of all involved in our industry and all participants are reminded to make themselves familiar with this document and its content.

In recent times a number of matters have been brought to the attention of the HRV Integrity Department that do not align with expected behaviours and which may result in action being taken should any breaches of the Australian Harness Racing Rules be detected.

It is therefore timely to remind all involved in the industry to act in a fair, respectful, responsible and safe manner in all interactions with industry participants, not only at the racetrack but also within stables and training facilities.

Any participant who has been subjected to behaviours that do not align with the expected behaviour of participants is encouraged to report these matters to the HRV Integrity Department for advice and action.

The behaviour you walk past is the behaviour you are willing to accept and a failure to act on any unacceptable behaviour may expose your family, friends, colleagues and fellow participants to the same behaviour.

This notice further serves to provide warning to all industry participants that breaches of conduct related rules may result in increased penalties being imposed by the HRV stewards and/or increased penalties being sought by the HRV stewards to be imposed by the Victorian Racing Tribunal.